4 Best Pieces of In Home and Outdoor Workout Equipment

These 4 pieces of exercise equipment can replicate almost all of your best gym exercises for a great workout at home, outdoors and on the go.

If you’re stuck at home for whatever reason, whether you work from home, are a stay at home Mom, or travel for work or otherwise often, you don’t have to completely give up on your workouts or achieving an ideal body composition.  

Here are the best pieces of exercise equipment you can use to get or keep yourself in great shape when you can’t make it to the gym consistently.  Sometimes it’s good to just mix things to keep your body guessing and your results coming anyway   The pieces on the can be use indoors and outdoors too.  For those days when you’d rather be outside then stuck inside at the gym.  

And forget about high cost, space hogging bikes, ellipticals and treadmills.  These pieces are portable, can be put in  drawer and take up almost no space at all. 

in addition, compared to home exercise equipment like bikes, treadmills and ellipticals, the exercise equipment on this list allows you to do a a variety of exercises, rather than just one and they are much lower cost.

The TRX suspension trainer uses your own body weight.  It comes with a door anchor so you can work with it in home or your hotel room while traveling and the kit also includes an outdoor anchor so you can easily attach it to fixtures or trees for outdoor workouts at the park.   One of the main advantages of the TRX suspension trainer is that it’s very functional, both in its versatility and in the way it trains your body.  Every movement performed with the suspension trainer is functional – it makes a lot of stabilizer muscles engage while you’re performing the major movements.  TRX is the leader in suspension trainers.

Exercise Band Kit with Door Anchor

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