┬áHere’s a great way to enjoy the flavors of your green tea latte. It’s another great smoothie recipe for a quick, cold, clean energy protein shake / iced green tea smoothie. It’s definitely not like what you’ll get at Starbucks or see popping up at other local coffee shops in New York City. It won’t be loaded with sugar. It will have high quality whey protein. Most likely not the type of protein you find at most shake or smoothie bars in NYC and your local gym probably won’t be using this type of protein either. Instead your new version that I’ve created will be loaded with nutrients from powerhouses like whey protein, Matcha Green Tea Powder and a touch of raw honey.

1 cup milk, or milk substitute

1 scoop vanilla whey concentrate

1 tbsp Matcha green tea powder (unsweetened if possible)

small drizzle of honey

Iced Green Tea Latte

Put ice in blender and use it to create crushed ice

Add milk, greek yogurt, protein powder, Matcha Green Tea Powder and honey. Blend until smooth

Serve immediately

Green Tea Smoothie – Like Starbucks Frappacino

Crush ice in blender

Add yogurt and milk

Blend on medium high for 10-20 seconds, reduce speed to medium low so that the mixture is swirling steadily, well below the cover.

Remove the cover, or the center piece of the cover and add 1 scoop vanilla whey concentrate powder, allow to mix evenly.

Add Matcha green tea powder allow to mix evenly.

Add drizzle of honey

Continue blending until smooth.

Serve immediately

If you like to make your protein shakes thicker you can use more ice.

If you’d like to add fruit I’d suggest a banana or 1/2 of a banana to compliment the Matcha and vanilla Berries may overpower or interfere with Matcha but feel free to try out different things for yourself and let me know how it goes.