Ranked Among the Best Personal Trainers in NYC by Thumbtack in 2013

I hired a personal trainer in the past who turned out to be unreliable.  I’d also tried losing weight through diet alone, which worked for a short time, but didn’t last long.  I still wasn’t happy with the shape I was in.  I wanted to do something about it.  I started personal training with Andrew 2 times per week.  After feeling the difference from the personal training in the first week, I wanted more, so I decided to increase training to 3 days per week.  I followed the guidelines achieving results almost exactly as we planned during our first session.  I lost 25 lbs., 12 1/4 inches and 9% body fat within 12 weeks nearly reaching my goal weight and body composition  People I know were making comments about the noticeable difference in my appearance.  I had all my suits taken in and had to buy new clothes in smaller sizes.  Even with long work hours I have much more energy throughout the day, and to play with my kids when I get home.  After almost 2 years now, this is the longest I’ve been able to keep the weight off.  Andrew’s personal training takes all the guesswork out of my routine.  I’d recommend him to anyone wanting to make a change, get into shape and stay in shape.

Chris T
Restaurant Owner

When I first started working out with Andrew I realized he was a very knowledgeable personal trainer.  After 10 weeks of personal training I only lost 5 lbs.  but when I was measured, I had lost 10% body fat.  I could really feel the difference in my body.  I was much more toned and fit into smaller sized clothes. Andrew pushes me harder than I would training by myself, always watches my form, makes sure I’m doing the exercises right and has me doing things I never thought I could do.

Rebecca  R.

In 4 months of personal training with Andrew, I’ve put on 11 lbs. of muscle.  My Bench Press went up by 50 lbs.  I’m stronger now than I ever have been.  Thanks Andrew

Ken D.

I was coming to NYC for a conference / holiday from Australia, but couldn’t bare the thought of being stuck in doors on a Summer’s day.  Also, with copious amounts of wining and dining to be had I needed some motivation to exercise.  Enlisting Andrew as a personal trainer was one of the best decisions of my trip. Andrew tailored a program to my needs, was very knowledgeable, and an utmost professional thrown in with a good dose of warmth and humor.  All this with the magical backdrop of sunshine, blue skies, and people-watching in Central park.  My sessions were so much fun that I forgot I was even working out until the (DOMS) Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness kicked in the next day!  Thanks again Andrew.

Fiona V.

When I started personal training with Andrew I was literally a 130 lb. weakling.  Since then I’ve put on 20 lbs. all naturally through proper training and nutrition.  At 60 plus years I can now do pull ups, something I’ve never been able to do. I consider that to be one of my greatest accomplishments.  it’s all thanks to Andrew.

Nick R.

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