Andrew ranked among top 3 personal trainers in NYC


Why you should choose Andrew's Fitness Training

Andrew was ranked among the 3 best personal trainers in New York City.  He is a published author, has a Bachelor of Science in Health Wellness, obtained the CSCS credential from the NSCA – widely recognized as the best fitness training credential – and he has over a decade of personal training and fitness industry experience.  

“He is the reason behind my fit body in all my modeling / acting career .”

Chafera M.


One on One Personal Training NYC

Personal training in the convenience of your apartment building gym, one of Andrew's studio locations throughout Manhattan or even outdoors on your rooftop, or in the park. Includes nutritional counseling and customized cardio to enhance your training results and wellness coaching to weave new health habits into your regular lifestyle.

Online / Virtual Personal Training

Much of the world has gone virtual including Andrew's Fitness Training. Andrew has years of experience with training virtually and knows exactly how to make it extremely effective.. Get in great shape with guided fitness instruction and health / nutrition coaching expertise without even leaving your home or wherever you are .

DIY at Home Fitness Programs

Get a structured routine that works on a progressive scale to advance to you goals faster while simultaneously offering the flexibility to exercise and get in great shape on your own time. Includes Andrew's "Nutrition Steps to Success" program that is not a diet. With Andrew's "Clean Eating Guide" you can eat meat, carbs and fat!


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