When you begin your personal training sessions you will be given a fitness assessment on your first day, consisting of a basic health history, lifestyle evaluation and fitness testing to get some baselines. We’ll also do a consultation going over your nutrition, lifestyle, needs and goals.


After your consult you’ll be taken through an expert guided custom tailored exercise regime based on your fitness assessment and consult. These beginning sessions will be loaded with instruction, recommendations and all the major exercises you’ll be performing as the backbone of your program.


With your first workouts complete it’s time to turn focus to nutrition, which by fine-tuning properly will accelerate your results exponentially. You’ll receive personalized meal planning, and nutritional counseling. We use the most effective nutrition tool known and provide plentiful and specific recommendations to help you make more permanent healthful, sensible, results oriented changes to your diet.


Exercising, eating right, and getting in great shape is more mental than it is physical. Almost everyone is physically capable of getting in shape. It’s mindset that most often holds people back. You want to get in shape and stay in shape and in good health for the rest of your life, not just a little while. Therefore, mindset knowledge transfer is a subtle yet steadfast theme in my training style.

Spaces are limited.   By appointment only.  Reserve time now.

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