Andrew is a formally educated, highly experienced fitness trainer. with the highest credentials, which ensures his clients get the very best training.

Emily Davis


Provide the highest level of fitness training while reaching and helping as many people as possible to get in better shape and improve their health, fitness and wellness


Utilize safe, all natural training and nutrition strategies based on proven science backed with empirical evidence, not pseudo-science, extreme diets or training methods 

Fitness Not Just a Phase

For Andrew, fitness is not just a phase or a job. It’s a lifestyle and a career. From the very young age of 12 he started exercising with free weights on his first structured program, and became more conscious of proper nutrition. In college he pursued his passion. Andrew graduated with a Bachelors degree in Health Wellness with a concentration in Nutrition from SUNY College at Buffalo.

He began working in the fitness industry as a personal trainer right after graduating. Fitness training has been his life’s career ever since. Andrew has been working with personal training clients helping them get in shape to improve their level of fitness for more than a decade.

Top Credentials to Offer the Best Personal Training

Wanting to offer the best personal training service possible to a discerning New York City clientele, Andrew obtained the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) Certification. Credentials of Distinction, known as the authority, gold standard, and best fitness training specialist certification in the industry.  Celebrity personal trainers and professional athlete trainers typically hold the CSCS certification.

Unparalleled Fitness Experience

In addition to his credentials and extensive experience as a personal trainer, Andrew taught group fitness training classes like Yoga, conducted training workshops, delivered presentations as an expert in the health fitness field and designed corporate wellness programs for businesses to improve workers’ fitness.

Andrew also studied in one of the two international centers for creative studies in the world, where he was first formally introduced to mental / psychological training techniques for facilitating higher performance, mental functioning, and creative thinking.  Several of his clients have included highly functioning executives.  He has also had the privilege of working alongside specialized physical therapists and working out of a variety of studios and gyms harboring some of Manhattan’s and New York City’s best elite personal trainers throughout his career.